Don’t trust your gut, invest with data-driven insights

Invest in early stage, go for higher returns

20% IRR is OK, but we aim for the stars and beyond. Jumping in early stage startups allows you to reach higher multiples. We make investing at early stage less of an operational hassle, and more about the numbers game.

Data-driven selection

Our data-driven engine reduces drastically the time you spend on evaluating a startup. The Pitchdrive qualification process helps you spot hidden gems quickly and invest with confidence.

Massive diversification

Because we have made early stage funding scalable, you can easily build a healthy portfolio. By investing smaller stakes in a large amount of pre-vetted startups, you increase your chances on return drastically.

Start creating a healthy investment portfolio & impact innovation at the core

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Pitchdrive helps you find hidden gems in early seed investing

Wim Derkinderen, Serial Entrepreneur & Angel Investor

Our process lets you invest on larger scale

Join our pool of top business angels in Europe and beyond

Our investors are widely experienced entrepreneurs. From succesful exits within tech, to medical research funds. Being a Pitchdrive investor goes beyond just investing, it’s all about connecting with likeminded individuals and pushing innovation at the core. Some of our top angels explain how their startup portfolio benefited from using Pitchdrive.

Jonas Dhaenens

I can keep track of my entire portfolio through Pitchdrive without having to deal with dozens of emails to get an update.

Lorenz Bogaert

Pitchdrive is letting me build a much larger, more diverse portfolio than I would be able to handle as a traditional Angel Investor.

Wim Derkinderen

I am updated with my latest startup opportunities on my phone so I can invest easily anywhere, even when I’m travelling.

Toon Coppens

Pitchdrive got me in contact with cool startups that I otherwise would have never seen just through my network.

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