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Version Lens Secures €1.5 Million for Groundbreaking Co-Pilot Tool for Product Managers

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Lotte Geldermans

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January 31, 2024
Version Lens Founding Team
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As industries have evolved, numerous advanced tools have emerged to enhance efficiency and performance in various company roles. While DevOps has been essential for some time, RevOps recently emerged as a critical component for commercial teams, aiding in scaling and focusing on key objectives. However, there has been a noticeable absence of similar advancements specifically for product managers, often leading to these professionals spending excessive time on non-essential tasks.

Fredrik Stockman, Co-Founder and CEO of Version Lens, highlights the importance of product development within any organization and expresses his surprise at the lack of dedicated solutions for product teams. He notes that product teams, particularly product managers, often find themselves caught up in resolving crises, engaging in endless Slack conversations, attending constant stand-ups, and managing growing backlogs, rather than focusing on building.

Stockman, along with co-founders Pascal and Pontus, who have collectively founded companies like Krea, Virkesbörsen, and Freebee, are leveraging their extensive experience to create the first-of-its-kind co-pilot for product managers. This tool emphasizes Product Operations, aiming to simplify work by automating and streamlining tasks, deriving useful insights from existing data, and allowing product managers to concentrate on innovation and strategic planning.

The recent funding of €1.5 million, led by People Ventures (Uniify, Proemial, Onomondo), AI investor Curiosity (Strise, Deeploy, Dreamdata), and early-stage fund Pitchdrive (founders behind Rydoo and Netlog), will be used to enhance their product roadmap and introduce new features in the coming months. This investment positions Version Lens at the forefront of a movement towards increased efficiency and innovation in product management, enabling product managers to focus on impactful aspects of their role, rather than just managing routine tasks.

About Version Lens: Founded with the aim of equipping product teams with efficient tools, Version Lens is in the process of developing the world's first co-pilot for Product Managers. By automating and streamlining routine tasks, generating new insights from existing data, and empowering product managers to concentrate on innovation rather than administrative duties, Version Lens is setting a new standard in the field of product management.

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