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Trust us, we’ve been there. At one point in time, every startup hits a ceiling. Growth stagnates while frustration grows. That’s why we’ve created Pitchdrive for Startups; a data-driven scoring system that analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of your startup and helps you get to the next level through actionable insights and benchmarking.


Finding solid investment opportunities is getting harder and harder. Pitchdrive hacked the qualification process for early stage startups, taking the guesswork out of identifying promising startups. Our AI data engine screens hundreds of startups weekly and delivers detailed qualification reports. No more inboxes full of pitches, receive clear benchmark and insights reports for you and your startup portfolio.


As a founder, you never sit still. Why spend time on sourcing funds when you can focus on growing your business? Pitchdrive makes funding accessible, fast and easy by connecting you with verified investors, including Pitchdrive Fund 1 founded by top Business Angels, and guiding you to your next tipping point. This way, you can focus on what you do best.

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We’d rather have you focussing on growing your business instead of spending valuable months desperately trying to raise the capital.

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Elias van der Linden

Elias van der Linden

Sourcing angel investors was taking up to 80% of my time as a founder, which was slowing our business down too much. Pitchdrive took away this pain and brought together a group of relevant active investors. I felt like the terms were very transparent and founder-friendly as the contracts are standardised.

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