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Happl Secures Next Funding Round to Transform Employee Benefits and Engagement Globally

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Lotte Geldermans

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April 9, 2024
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London, UK – April 9, 2024 – Happl, a leading global employee benefits and engagement platform for scaling businesses, today announced the successful closure of its latest investment round. This strategic funding is led by 6 Degrees Capital and Ascension, with continued support from YCombinator, marking a significant milestone in the company's journey to redefine workplace well-being and benefits.

Innovative Platform Personalizing Employee Benefits

Happl stands out as the first fully integrated and connected benefits platform, offering a wide array of services including health insurance, financial assistance, learning opportunities, and more. The platform's AI-powered assistant delivers a tailored experience, ensuring employees receive benefits that truly resonate with their needs.

Funding to Fuel Growth and Product Enhancement

The investment will be crucial for expanding Happl’s go-to-market strategy and developing new features that significantly impact employees' lives. In today's economic landscape, Happl's solutions aim to simplify administrative processes, reduce employer costs, and enhance employee savings. This initiative reflects the company's dedication to improving employee well-being across the board.

A Mission to Foster Employee Belonging

Ben Towers, Founder of Happl, expressed his enthusiasm for the funding: "Our mission centers around making employees feel valued and included. This funding round enables us to advance towards our goals, especially when companies are actively seeking ways to support their workforce. I am incredibly proud of what our team has accomplished and grateful for the unwavering support from our customers and partners."

Backing from Prominent Investors and Industry Leaders

The funding round is led by 6 Degrees Capital and Ascension, with additional participation from existing investors such as YCombinator, Haatch, Pitchdrive, Backfuture, and notable angels like Dan Cobley, co-founder of Clearscore and Salary Finance. These investments underscore the confidence in Happl’s potential to revolutionize the employee benefits sector, supported by a team of visionary backers including Tom Blomfield, Helmut Schuster, Sophie Adelman, and Rob Wilmot.

Strategic Vision for the Future

Hilmar Eggertsson of 6 Degrees Capital highlighted the potential of Happl’s approach: "Supporting Ben and the Happl team’s vision to empower the workforce of today is thrilling. Happl's commitment to personalization and efficiency places it at the vanguard of transforming employee benefits and well-being. We are excited for what lies ahead in this journey, in a market ripe for innovation."

To date, Happl has raised $5 million in equity financing, a testament to its innovative platform and the significant impact it aims to achieve in the employee benefits landscape.

Emma Steele from Ascension added, "Every interaction with Ben demonstrates his ability to drive significant progress in his venture. Happl's early success with enterprises made our decision to invest an easy one. Ben’s vision and alignment with our social objectives make supporting him and Happl not just strategic, but imperative for the future of employee benefits."

Introducing Happl:

Founded by Ben Towers, Happl emerged as a groundbreaking solution to the fragmented employee benefits industry. With its AI-driven platform, Happl offers a personalized and integrated approach to employee benefits, addressing the diverse needs of today's workforce. The company's mission to enhance employee well-being and engagement has positioned it as a key player in the global benefits and insurance market.

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