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Lemon Achieves £500K Pre-Seed Investment for SaaS Savings Platform

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Lotte Geldermans

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April 18, 2024
Founders of the startup Lemon - funded by Pitchdrive
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Manchester-based fintech Lemon is proud to announce a successful £500K pre-seed funding round led by the UK's active investor SFC Capital and supported by European early-stage specialist Pitchdrive. This investment propels Lemon forward in developing its robust platform aimed at helping SMBs to manage and reduce their SaaS costs effectively.

With the backing of prominent investors, including angel investors such as Nick Dodd, ex Partner of Debt Advisory at KPMG, and a co-founder of SkyParlour, Lemon is poised for the next phase of its product development. The platform promises SMBs an average of 20% savings on their SaaS expenditure by providing a comprehensive subscription management tool that integrates finance and control features.

The funding boost comes at a critical time, demonstrating the market's confidence in new fintech solutions that address the needs of businesses globally, despite an economic downturn affecting fintech investment trends. Lemon's subscription management tool is especially timely, as it offers a strategic way for SMBs to cut costs on essential software services in HR, marketing, and accounting.

With the capital injection, Lemon is set to enhance its product offerings, guided by new CTO, Matt Parke, and the soon-to-be-appointed Content & Community Manager. Lemon’s roadmap includes the introduction of instant credit options that enable SMBs to benefit from discounted annual subscriptions while maintaining monthly payment flexibility.

Ed Stevenson from SFC Capital remarked on the investment: "Lemon's ability to minimize SaaS expenses and streamline subscription management is essential for businesses. Their potential to become a leading force with forthcoming features like instant credit, analytics, and discoverability is something we're excited to support."

Lemon’s Co-Founder and CEO, Matt Bird, reflects on the current market conditions: "In these tough economic times, SMBs are searching for cost-effective tools to enhance their operations. With software as a major expense, we believe Lemon will play an integral role in how SMBs utilize SaaS. We're thrilled to have the backing and expertise of SFC Capital and Pitchdrive on this journey."

Koen Christiaens from Pitchdrive shares his enthusiasm: "Lemon’s vision for transforming SMB subscription management is compelling. The combination of a comprehensive spending overview and sustainable financial options positions Lemon to make a significant impact on the SaaS industry."

For more information on how Lemon can assist SMBs in optimizing their SaaS investments, visit

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