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A startup funding website that allows you to not only get funding, but also grip on your data – that is what Pitchdrive is! While growing your startup used to require some luck in getting the right investors and a lot of trial and error, we believe in a new approach to startup funding. One that allows you to convert the data of your startup into startup growth. With our data-driven guidance, you are able to make well-informed choices for your startup to push your startup forward.

Startup funding website

Grow by data

Only very few startups make it to profitable businesses. Whether a startup thrives or fails depends not only its innovation, but more on the founders’ ability to learn from the different stages of startup growth. This all comes down to using what your data tells you to make choices that will allow your startup to grow. The only way to success is by making a clear plan and getting insight into your company’s progress, both of which are made easy with one of our Pitchdrive startup plans!

Get the tools you need

At Pitchdrive, we are your startup’s kickstarter and give you the tools you need. Based on your Pitchdrive plan, we offer among others:

  • Data-driven scoring reports and evaluations of your startup for free, enabling you get insight into the strengths and pitfalls of your business;

  • A matchmaking system within our startup funding website that introduces you to the most relevant investors for your business;

  • Constant grip on your data with the real-time growth monitor;

  • HR, sales and marketing support.

Do you want to learn more about the ways in which we help your startup to take off? Feel free to contact us. Our team is dedicated to help your business grow!

Pitchdrive: thé best startup funding website

From boosting tech startup funding to providing marketing support, Pitchdrive is the place for startups that are serious about growing. Our new way of startup funding does away with foundationless crowdfunding for startups and aims to create targeted connections between startups and founders. Sounds good? Sign up and get started with Pitchdrive, thé new startup funding website.

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