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Berlin-Based Marketplace Wonnda Secures €1M Funding to Redefine Product Sourcing

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Lotte Geldermans

Published on

June 1, 2023
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Wonnda has successfully garnered €1 million in pre-seed funding to further its mission of linking consumer brands with European manufacturers. The funding round was jointly led by Pitchdrive, a Belgian venture capital fund, and IBB Ventures based in Berlin, with added participation from esteemed tech entrepreneurs and angel investors in Europe.

Co-founded by Martin Ditzel and Oliver Allmoslechner in early 2022, Wonnda is dedicated to refining the collaboration process between consumer brands and suppliers to efficiently launch new products. By unifying the functionalities of a B2B marketplace and a comprehensive workflow tool, Wonnda is steadily establishing itself as the go-to platform for creating new tangible products.

According to co-founder Oliver Allmoslechner, “We experienced how cumbersome the process of sourcing and launching new physical products is ourselves. Many of the processes haven’t changed in 20 years and brands are still dependent on attending physical tradeshows, followed by inefficient email collaboration.”

About Wonnda

Wonnda offers a completely digitalized product sourcing solution, enabling brands and B2B buyers to discover new products, submit tenders, and effectively manage supplier relationships in one centralized location. Manufacturers, in turn, can benefit from a digital showcase of their production abilities, accept requests, or partake in tenders. Additionally, Wonnda provides an integrated messaging and project management tool that alleviates the issues associated with the manual and error-prone procedures of product sourcing.

With active collaborations with over 250 factories across five main product categories in Europe, Wonnda allows brands access to a variety of verified manufacturers. Over 3,000 brands & B2B buyers have been introduced to the platform, including promising startups, rapidly expanding consumer brands, and established retailers. By also validating the buyer-side of the platform, Wonnda guarantees a seamless collaborative experience for all involved parties.

"Martin and Oliver saw the huge opportunity in the outdated process of bringing new products into the world. They have shown great product market fit with Wonnda, and are only at the start of the impact that they will make on bringing new and innovative products in the market." says Wim Derkinderen, Co-founder of Pitchdrive.

Co-founder Martin Ditzel describes Wonnda as "The all-in-one solution for building consumer products, enabling manufacturers to focus on their core competencies while brands get a central interface to hundreds of factories, so they can have all their products manufactured without leaving the platform."

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What's next

With its recent financial backing, Wonnda intends to grow its curated manufacturer network and welcome additional partners, including packaging suppliers and service providers. The funding will also contribute to the ongoing enhancement of its platform to better cater to the requirements of both brands and manufacturers.

In conclusion, Allmoslechner shares, "Our vision is to build the global ecosystem, where brands use Wonnda as their single source of truth when it comes to launching and scaling their product lines."

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