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Casimir Morobé - Co-founder @ Toqua
Casimir MorobéCo-founder @ Toqua

Pitchdrive is like an older brother. They've done it all before themselves, they only want the best for you, and they're always there when you need them.

Natalia Martynova - COO & Co-founder @ Openface
Natalia MartynovaCOO & Co-founder @ Openface

I wake up everyday with new ideas on how we can expand and improve our business. Not only through funding but also through sharing expertise, Pitchdrive made it possible to put those ideas into practice. They give us the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them, making us the startup we are today.

Dylan Van Tornhaut - Co-founder @ Cashplannr
Dylan Van TornhautCo-founder @ Cashplannr

Pitchdrive has the non-bullshit approach that we as founders were looking for. Their hands-on experience brought us, as founders, to the next level almost instantly. Last but not least: as the people of Pitchdrive have a huge network, opportunities always lay around the corner.

Melissa Wijngaarden - Co-founder @ Project Cece
Melissa WijngaardenCo-founder @ Project Cece

We had the pleasure of being one of Pitchdrive's first investments. Although the process now is way smoother than then, we were already impressed by their tools and efficiency.

Lowie Vercraeye - CFO & Co-founder @ BRAUZZ
Lowie VercraeyeCFO & Co-founder @ BRAUZZ

With Pitchdrive, we were able to bring our product to the market. Not only with funds but also afterwards they are in close contact with us and always available for a sparring session. But in the end, they give us the opportunity to make our own choices which we very much appreciate.

Geert Van Kerckhoven - Co-founder @ Oper
Geert Van KerckhovenCo-founder @ Oper

Pitchdrive challenged us on our product and got us strategically thinking about how to run customer success. In fintech, churn is of utmost importance. Pitchdrive understood this and helped us in finding the missing links.

Roy Jeunen - Co-founder @ NineID
Roy JeunenCo-founder @ NineID

Next to funding, we were also looking for expertise, guidance and actionable insights in our search to find the right partner to elevate our business to the next stage. Pitchdrive has it all, and so much more. By and for entrepreneurs, taken to a next level.

Hendrik Keeris - Co-founder @ Bizzy
Hendrik KeerisCo-founder @ Bizzy

Even with a strong team you can still end up with tunnel vision. Having Pitchdrive’s involvement offers a really valuable outside perspective.

Jencey Provoost - Co-founder @ Swave
Jencey ProvoostCo-founder @ Swave

Whenever other founders ask my opinion about Pitchdrive, I tell them they're the best early-stage investors you can wish for. They push you to think big, help where they can, respond fast and have a large netwerk. The best thing is they know what it takes like to build and grow a start-up: they've done it themselves.

John Arts - Co-founder @ Rita Personal data
John ArtsCo-founder @ Rita Personal data

The Pitchdrive team consists of genuine entrepreneurs. This means they profoundly understand our challenges and are able to offer us support in all departments.

Nathan Coox - CEO & Co-founder @ Smooved
Nathan CooxCEO & Co-founder @ Smooved

Pitchdrive delivers on their promise to get you funded fast. They connect you with some of the best business angels (most of them serial entrepreneurs) out there. They have a thorough due diligence process, which also helps to convince other potential investors. It definitely serves as a quality badge.

Kris Verdonck - Co-founder @ UZE
Kris VerdonckCo-founder @ UZE

Pitchdrive gives us concrete tips on startup life and challenges us to be the best version of founder. Their network in the startup world opens doors that would otherwise remain closed.

Angelo Lebon - Co-founder @ Picky
Angelo LebonCo-founder @ Picky

Pitchdrive wasn’t only the catalyst for getting Picky launched, it’s an incredibly valuable partner for the whole ride. Being able to call upon their vast experience, knowledge and network is amazing and so are they.

Scott Kennedy - Co-founder @ Workaround
Scott KennedyCo-founder @ Workaround

The only reason I might be reluctant to share my true feelings about Pitchdrive is that I’d prefer to keep them all to myself. In a nutshell, Pitchdrive has attracted the best of the best; People with that rare but critical combination of "opposing traits", like confidence and humility. Analytical and artistic. Professional and empathetic. This balancing act is the secret sauce to building world class startups with truly innovative solutions. Their “first principles” thinking has helped me question assumptions to better identify and leverage opportunities. For decdes, I have tried to go faster. But Pitchdrive empowers me to go further.

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