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Oper: Helping Lenders to Create World-class Credit Experience

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Kosma Hess

Published on

April 27, 2020
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Oper has successfully finished raising the funding round with Pitchdrive, becoming the next 'Pitchdrive Alumni' startup.

Oper gives lenders the technology to create world-class digital credit experiences. This is done by orchestrating the mortgage application form contact to contract in a smart way. Through its software, lenders have to spend less of their time on paper- and verification work while their customers experience a seamless service.

It makes Oper a reliable technology partner that enables you to leverage your mortgage offerings.

"It is pretty simple. Using a variety of modules, Oper digitizes your mortgage origination process, from contact to contract. The open architecture allows Oper to be integrated seamlessly into the existing IT landscape.”

Oper has recently finished raising their successful funding round with Pitchdrive. By getting the startup funded, Oper joined a group of "Pitchdrive Alumni" - a portfolio of highly qualified, evaluated, and onboarded business organisations that want to scale and grow. 

Congratulations to Geert van Kerckhoven, Wouter Lachat, Nick van Berckelaer, and the rest of their amazing team!

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