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Workfully Secures €1.2M Seed Funding to Revolutionize Global Recruitment

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Lotte Geldermans

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October 11, 2023
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Emerging from the heart of Barcelona, Workfully, a pioneering startup in recruitment and skills enhancement, has triumphantly clinched a €1.2 million Seed Round investment spearheaded by Indico Capital. This funding round also saw substantial participation from eminent international funds like Pitchdrive and Secways Ventures, to name a few.

Leveraging this new influx of capital, Workfully is poised to accelerate its product enhancement journey and amplify its ambitious growth trajectory. This strategy aims to invigorate recruiters globally, equipping them with genuine flexibility and enabling them to redefine the employment landscape.

Incepted in 2021, Workfully is fervently dedicated to sculpting the world's premier recruitment experience and aspires to be the vanguard for a transformative recruiting paradigm. Contrasting with conventional platforms which often sideline recruiters, directly bridging talent with employers, Workfully's novel strategy centers on fortifying recruiters. This enables them to organically nurture, engage, and capitalize on niche talent segments. With the innovative offerings of Workfully, recruiters have the autonomy to seamlessly inaugurate their exclusive digital recruitment firms, without the impediments of client acquisition, premium platform costs, or solitary marketing battles in a cutthroat environment.

"We believe that building a recruiting business in the future will look much more like being a content creator: starting off on a platform like Workfully, building an audience and then monetizing that audience in-platform," says Valerio Rossi, CEO and co-founder of Workfully.

This transformative approach implies that enterprises seeking prized talent can effortlessly cherry-pick from a vast reservoir of recruiter professionals. This, complemented by shared analytics, market insights, and regional expertise, ensures expedited, efficient, and transparent hiring processes.

Moreover, Workfully stands out as a decentralized recruitment and skills enhancement hub, facilitating the hiring and skill augmentation of talent ranging from nascent entrants to elite executive positions on a global scale.

"The company aims to not only empower recruiters to place senior candidates into enterprise companies, but in some cases to give high potential candidates with no technical skills the training needed to access higher-paying positions," states Stefano Tacconi, CCO and co-founder of Workfully, an ex-Google employee.

Experiencing organic growth in 2022, Workfully etched strategic alliances with corporate giants and VC-backed trailblazers such as FreeNow, TravelPerk, Blackberry, Lamborghini, and Accenture. These collaborations catalyzed their global recruitment endeavors. Notably, Workfully played a pivotal role in senior-level recruitments for these enterprises, which included approximately 100 individuals from marginalized communities who underwent skill enhancement prior to joining renowned tech firms. With this fresh funding, Workfully is poised for further expansion, facilitating numerous enterprises in harnessing the right talent to propel their businesses forward.

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