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Pitchdrive Presents: NEW RAISING STAR ⭐

Written by

Kosma Hess

Published on

April 22, 2020
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Project Cece is a search engine for fair and sustainable fashion with the aim of forging a positive change in the fashion industry by connecting impact-driven webshops with consumers who are looking to buy fair and sustainable fashion without the effort.

✔️ Over 300 brands and webshops.

✔️ Sustainable and ethical.

✔️Fairtrade, eco-friendly, vegan, local - filter per what matters to you.

Project Cece has successfully raised their funding with Pitchdrive and we can't explain how important it is for us to add this environmentally-aware business to our Raising Stars portfolio!

Congratulations to Melissa Wijngaarden, Marcella Wijngaarden, Noor Veenhoven, Timo Halbesma and the rest of their incredible team for reaching this incredible milestone! 👏

Make sure to check them out:

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🌱 Pre-seed and seed stage (ticket size 200k-500k)
🏎 Highly product and scale driven
🇪🇺 European focussed
🕸 Industry agnostic

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