gruup: The Pitchdrive Startup That’s Powering Unlimited Creativity

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Joe Emery

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January 19, 2021
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With face-to-face pitching off the agenda for the foreseeable, technology has been crucial in keeping businesses moving during the coronavirus pandemic.

Yet, when it comes to bringing people's creativity and ideas to life, they often get buried in storage, lost in email, or flattened by PowerPoint.                           

Meet the founders

Like many great start-ups that Pitchdrive partners with, gruup was born out of frustration.
Co-founders Simon Prince and Darryll Bayes saw a gap in the market. And so, they filled it. 

"With email, PowerPoint, and file transfer platforms, you lose control the moment you hit send", the founders explained. "There's nothing on the market that provides an end-to-end service as gruup does".

gruup that enables people to showcase ideas and collaborate through beautiful online presentations that wow audiences. The software ensures people’s best ideas are shared, seen and delivered with the impact they deserve.

Every format welcome

Gone are the days of pitching to clients through disjointed presentations — jumping in and out of different mediums. You can now bring work together — all in one collaborative place — no matter the format.  

Text, videos, podcasts, websites, documents soundbites and images sit side by side to deliver truly modern and engaging presentations. Engagement insights help you understand where you're making an impact so that you can refine your story. The story-building all happens in real-time.

Bootstrapped startup

"We've grown gruup from scratch", Darryll revealed.

"We built it, marketed it, and brought it to life. It was all done out of our pockets. Now, we're working with Pitchdrive to accelerate our product and take it to the next development stage. We want others to believe in what we're doing — just as Pitchdrive has done".

Conceived in 2018, gruup has accelerated throughout the coronavirus pandemic as the need for remote working solutions grew. 

Powering unlimited creativity

Simon has some simple advice for anyone considering launching a start-up business amid a global health and financial crisis:

"Do it. It's challenging, but more importantly: it's rewarding. You get to learn a lot about yourself, and you'll enjoy the freedom".

"You'll have a vision of what your product will look like", Darryll added. 

"But don't just rest all your laurels on that. How you shape your service has to come from the audience. We want to power unlimited creativity, and we know gruup will evolve.'' 

"Whichever direction the creative industry goes, we want to be there for people and the go-to for their imaginative solutions".

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