Investment News Raises Pre-Seed Investment to Propel Its Ambition of Crafting the Ultimate Sales AI

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Lotte Geldermans

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November 2, 2023
Co-founders of Luna raise pre-seed investment with Capital T and Pitchdrive
All Posts, a trailblazing SaaS entity in the sales AI domain, is thrilled to announce its successful pre-seed funding round, spearheaded by CapitalT and co-invested by Pitchdrive among other notable investors.

Redefining the Sales Ecosystem

The advent of Generative AI has ushered in a plethora of sales tools. Yet, most of these tools remain reactive, springing into action only upon user engagement. The future of AI platforms promises a holistic solution that's not just reactive but proactive, integrating effortlessly within organizations.'s distinction lies in its trainable nature, mirroring the reliability of a human sales agent. But unlike the lengthy onboarding process of human agents, promises efficiency – a mere 6 minutes. The platform's adaptability has already empowered numerous companies, enhancing their sales teams with AI capabilities. As interacts, it evolves, becoming more astute with every email dispatched.

Details of the Investment Round

This funding round signifies more than monetary backing; it's a testament to the trust and expertise of the investors. Alongside CapitalT and Pitchdrive, the investment saw participation from industry giants such as Notion Capital’s angel fund, ex-executives from Salesforce and Zoom, to name a few. The oversubscription of this round underscores the robust investor faith in's innovative strategy.

"Our investors, with their hands-on experience leading sizable sales units and their familiarity with competitive products, bring an unparalleled depth of insight," remarked Steven Nelemans, CEO of "Their commitment to our vision is a powerful endorsement."

Future Plans and Allocation of Funds

The newly acquired funds are earmarked for immediate deployment. is set to bolster its team, refine its product for enterprise-level operations, and persist in its quest to revolutionize the conventional sales funnel using AI. A significant leap in this direction is the recent introduction of’s Command Center, designed to aid Sales Leaders in overseeing both human and AI Sales Development Representatives (SDRs).

Eva de Mol, a partner at CapitalT, expressed, " isn't merely crafting another sales tool. They're set to redefine the entire sales paradigm, and we're excited to accompany them on this transformative journey.”


Since its founding in 2022, has been a forerunner in the sales technology sector. is an all-in-one B2B outbound sales platform, meaning it uses AI to find millions of verified leads for you, scour the internet for additional information, and write highly converting cold emails.’s proprietary LLMs are trained on the input of thousands of sales professionals, to ensure the best possible sales emails, and proactively reach out to highly targeted prospects on your behalf: your personal AI-SDR.

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