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LiftOS raises €1M to reimagine how teams interact with software tools

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Lotte Geldermans

Published on

March 15, 2023
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liftOS built a software infrastructure that empowers millions of teams to work with their favorite apps and create the most productive work environment. With the software infrastructure developed by liftOS, employees can easily combine their favorite software tools and work collaboratively with their team.

Ege Gündüz states,

"In the past months, we have personally seen how the software chaos in daily business life affects productive work. We spend time and effort exploring, learning, and managing a wide variety of software tools to do our daily work. There is no consistency and order among most software, and this disconnect leads to a large loss of efficiency."

On average, an SaaS-powered company uses more than 110 software tools, and each employee uses up to 10 different tools a day and switches between them more than 30 times, which costs 20% of weekly productivity to operate. To reduce the friction between using different tools for similar work functions like product management, project tracking, employee onboarding, and sprint tracking, liftOS aims to enable a more harmonious work environment under what they call "Hubs" in their product, that can host a variety of apps and their data and allows users to collaboratively work together under one roof.

Koen Christiaens from Pitchdrive says,

"Using many SaaS tools is a huge pain. We knew from day one that the liftOS team has what it takes to fix it."

Expanding from its previous focus audience of HR, where liftOS has built software to help with employee engagement, onboarding, and retention, liftOS is now opening up to a wider audience to increase productivity and the SaaS space as a whole.

According to Arif Doğan,

"We are creating a data bridge between favorite SaaS applications used at work so that our users can connect them with a few clicks without requiring complex flows or code knowledge. I think lift can help many employees work faster and smoother with their software in day-to-day work life."

With the new funding, they plan to expand their team, add more features to their software, and launch a beta within the next few weeks.

Jan Claudio Muńoz from BackBone Ventures adds,

"The team is incredibly talented, and their ability to execute is extraordinary. We are happy to be a part of their journey.

The founding team currently consists of Arif and Ege as the co-founders and Baris Özdemirci as the founding member, with the team primarily working from Berlin with a hybrid set-up.

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