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Koble raises £1 million in pre-seed round

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Lotte Geldermans

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December 7, 2022
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London based Koble has raised £1 million to re-engineer startup investing with Artificial Intelligence.

Koble has raised £1 million in pre-seed capital to re-engineer startup investing with AI.

The round was led by leading venture capital firms Pitchdrive and Modus, with participation from a group of prominent angels dedicated to exploring the disruptive potential of AI in startup investing. 

Proceeds will be used to further develop Koble’s groundbreaking algorithms and technology platform, which identifies early-stage investments that outperform the market, mitigating human bias and capturing sustainable alpha for investors.

Koble is on a mission to re-engineer the ethics, economics, and scalability of startup investing. 

Koble’s co-founders Damian Cristian and Guy Conway (having previously co-founded venture builder Zero 1 and raised $10 million in venture capital) have dedicated years to building a unique dataset and groundbreaking proprietary algorithms to transform the process of sourcing, evaluating, and investing in pre-seed and seed-stage startups.

They’re tackling a huge problem. Just 2.5% of early-stage investments yield the target 20x+ return, which means less than 5% of VC funds return the target 3x on investment. The costs are massive; LPs lose money (or worse avoid early-stage investing altogether); founders with good ideas cannot access capital; and ultimately economic and social progress suffers.

Damian Cristian, Cofounder and CEO, Koble stated “The “normal science” of the venture capital industry relies on qualitative value judgements. Everyone’s sat around the table comparing founders, startups, business models with the same metrics. We’re coming at this from a completely different angle, asking what if the paradigm shifted and startup investors adopted a dispassionate, quantitative approach? At Koble we have the people and technology to make this happen – now is the time to prove it.”

Edward Barrow, Koble Chairperson and Co-founder, Idio (acquired) added “For the first time – thanks to the proliferation of private markets data and new liquiditytools – the underlying technological conditions are right for machines to beat humans at early-stage startup investing. Koble is pioneering the “Quant VC” movement.”

Ultimately, by applying groundbreaking data-science to startup investing, Koble is creating a new breed of venture fund – one that better serves founders, investors, and society. As Capital is routed to the people and ideas that deserve it most; investors get better risk-adjusted returns; and society all stakeholders progress forward.

“When we met the Koble team we were excited by their vision of the future of startup investing. Their approach aligns with the data-driven investment engine we are building. There’s so much opportunity to advance the way early-stage investing operates, so having Koble in our portfolio is very complementary to us.”

– Pitchdrive Co-founder & Managing Partner, Boris Bogaert

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