Introw raises €1M to become the B2B sales channel of the future

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October 19, 2023
Founders of startup Introw on a street
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Introw, a Ghent-based tech start-up, already helping dozens of companies to find customers through partners, raises 1 million euros.

Early-stage fund Pitchdrive leads the €1 million round in Introw, joined by vetted angels such as Pieterjan Bouten (Showpad), Ewout Meyns (Hubspot) & Dieter De Mesmaeker (DataCamp). ****

Young entrepreneurs Andreas Geamanu (CEO), Laurens Lavaert (CTO), and Simon Van Den Hende (AI Engineer) started early 2023 within StarApps, the start-up studio of serial entrepreneurs Lorenz Bogaert, Toon Coppens, Nicolas Van Eenaeme, and Vincent Verlee - better known as the 'Netlog mafia'.

They are on a shared mission to fight cold emails as warm introductions and referrals through existing B2B partners shorten sales cycles at a significantly lower customer acquisition cost.

In 2023, it takes on average 27 touch points to close a deal with a cold approach resulting in long sales cyles. Introw removes this friction, by making warm introductions scalable resulting in up to 10 times more conversion.

"Who likes to get random cold emails & calls? With Introw, we help businesses reach customers through their existing network of partners. This way, you can start a ‘warm’ conversation with a prospect." says co-founder Andreas Geamanu.

The founders also saw the problems of manually sharing contacts and making introductions with partners. No one knows who is working on it, what the status of the shared contact is, or whether the partner is already working on a deal. This prevents proper reporting on the collaboration with a partner. Introw bridges this gap by automating this process from A to Z.

”We saw a huge drive in the founders to solve a pain they had experienced personally. Combining the technical (AI) expertise with B2B sales expertise will be a magical potion that can lead to a huge shift in the way companies work with partners today” Wim Derkinderen at Pitchdrive.

Introw transforms customer data of partnering companies into relevant sales leads through AI. This allows sales teams to find hidden opportunities through partners that match their ideal customer profile. With Introw, companies will not only create new pipelines but will also accelerate existing pipelines.

Furthermore, Introw uses AI to find business contacts through partners, matching their ideal customer profile. This enables companies to not only create new deals but also close existing deals faster. Introw addresses the software fatigue of businesses by integrating their technology into existing sales tools.

“Sales teams are overwhelmed with dozens of sales tools. That’s why we’re integrating directly into their existing sales tools”, says co-founder & CTO Laurens Lavaert.

With the help and expertise of these experienced angel investors and Pitchdrive, Introw will use this funding to convert warm leads into deals worldwide. Introw is onboarding new users every day.

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