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AXI Group acquires Contractify, a Pitchdrive Fund I portfolio company

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Lotte Geldermans

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June 12, 2024
From left to right: Ron van den Broek (AXI Group), Herlinde de Buck en Steven Debrauwere (Contractify)
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Willebroek, June 12, 2024 – Pitchdrive is proud to share that AXI Group, a leading provider of software and IT solutions, is acquiring Contractify, a specialist in advanced contract management software. This acquisition will significantly expand AXI Group's product portfolio, enabling them to serve a broader range of organizations with enhanced solutions. The combined expertise of AXI Group and Contractify aims to set a new standard in advanced contract management and make a significant impact in the legal tech industry.

Innovation and Growth at the Forefront

AXI Group and Contractify share a common commitment to innovation, growth, and high-quality services centered around customer needs. AXI Group has a long-standing reputation for delivering robust software and IT solutions across various sectors, including retail, government, healthcare, service, and industry. Contractify, on the other hand, has built a strong reputation in the legal world with its contract management software.

Legal Tech: A New Pillar of Growth

The acquisition of Contractify marks a significant milestone in AXI Group's strategic ambition to expand its offerings and strengthen its market position. "Through this strategic move, we broaden our portfolio and can offer a more comprehensive suite of legal tech solutions, from contract management to legal documentation and compliance," said Ron van den Broek, CEO of AXI Software. "Moreover, it strengthens our market position and opens up new growth opportunities in a promising segment."

Continuous Expansion and Commitment

This acquisition follows AXI Group's recent acquisitions of Tilroy, InterIT, and ITP Group in 2023, and Datalink earlier this year. AXI Group is committed to an active acquisition and growth strategy to expand its portfolio and increase its presence in the software and IT industry. The group's focus remains on supporting customers with exceptional services and top-tier software and IT solutions.

Statements from Leadership

Herlinde de Buck, Co-founder of Contractify, expressed excitement about the acquisition: "I look forward to further expanding and optimizing our portfolio together with AXI Group. By enriching each other's services and continuing to innovate together, we can provide even greater value to our customers."

Steven Debrauwere, Co-founder of Contractify, added, "By combining our areas of expertise, customers of both AXI Group and Contractify can benefit from a comprehensive portfolio of best-of-breed IT solutions."

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