Tech Startup Funding

Get started with tech startup funding with Pitchdrive! At Pitchdrive, we give you the tools you need to use the data of your business to your advantage and provide possible investors with comprehensive and convincing information. Through our platform for startups and investors, you get real-time insight into the progress of your startup to get to the next stage of growth. Join the new way of startup growth and sign up at Pitchdrive!

Tech startup funding

Pitchdrive: the new business funding

At Pitchdrive, our mission is to contribute to worldwide innovation by giving founders the tools they need to grow their business and by providing investors with a comprehensive profile of tech startups for funding. This all through a smart approach that analyses and uses the data of startups to enable startup growth. Pitchdrive is the solution for both founders and investors. Through our platform, funding startups is easy. Pitchdrive allows investors to ask questions to founders on their funding status page and invest in the startup directly through our mobile app.

Tech startup funding in 5 steps

Is startup tech funding dying? Rather the opposite! At Pitchdrive we believe in targeted funding opportunities. No more endless tech startup funding rounds, but fits with investors made based on interests, their network and prior investment. How to get funding for a tech startup with Pitchdrive:

  • Sign up at Pitchdrive for free;

  • Fill out your Pitchdrive profile that will be shown to investors;

  • Get your profile approved by our experts, who will provide you with data-driven scoring reports and evaluations of your startup;

  • Once approved, your Pitchdrive profile will be shown to investors, who are able to ask you questions on your funding status page;

  • Then, follow your progress real-time and use Pitchdrive to let your business take off.

Where startups and investors meet

Use your business data to make informed choices to help your business take off with the possibilities Pitchdrive offers. It’s not only easy, but also free! Create your own profile, and the Pitchdrive system takes the funding process from there. Get ready to grow and sign up at Pitchdrive for tech startup funding!

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