We empower founders
to build next level startups.

Pitchdrive is a pre-seed investor run by experienced tech entrepreneurs backing founders during their crazy startup ride. Buckle up.

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We are deploying our second entrepreneur-led fund (€30M) and will invest in another +25 startups in 2023

Pre-seed round/ seed rounds with an average ticket size of €300k

24/7 support from experienced entrepreneurs who already did the startup ride, surrounded by an elite network

Focus on B2B saas, marketplaces, ecommerce and software-driven hardware

Pitchdrive has that hussle mentality. With the experience that these guys have behind them, the ride's going to be insane.

Jorn Vanysacker - CEO Henchman

I am really grateful to have Pitchdrive on board as our investors. They are really only a phone call away and their entire team is always available to support you.

Alina Bassi - CEO Kleiderly

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