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February 23, 2022
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Using the public cloud as a platform for your business to scale, shorten time-to-market, make use of the latest technologies and experiment with AI/ML is the way to go as a ‘digital native’ company. But first of all, which cloud platform is your best bet? To find that out, run some tests, make a comparison and get some sensible advice. You can count on the expertise of a cloud partner like Devoteam G Cloud to help you through the whole journey.

Which cloud platform should I choose?

Most of the big cloud platform providers offer high-end technology services and reliable security across a range of broadly equivalent price points. However, Google Cloud’s industry-focused digital transformation platform is a recognised market leader and growing strongly. Its advanced machine learning and AI capabilities enable businesses of all sizes to draw valuable insights from their data, while its APIs facilitate integration with third party software. This allows its cloud services to plug into your existing software suite and readily scale should your business experience rapid growth.

Why work with a Google Cloud Partner?

Some businesses choose to work directly with their chosen cloud platform provider. Many others decide to rely on the experience of a partner in the expectation of making their digital transformation journey quicker and less error-prone. 

The first job of a cloud partner is to help the client manage the technical challenges of using their chosen cloud platform, which can be overwhelming. A partner also provides ongoing support and specialist advice that allow clients to safely leverage the benefits of the cloud in a more cost and time efficient manner.

Reduce Google Cloud costs with Devoteam G Cloud

A certified and experienced cloud partner has the specialist knowledge to guide clients towards the services they actually need, as opposed to those that are nice to have but expensive. Aside from providing technical expertise, the partner will also help to optimise your cloud costs by ensuring that you get the best possible deal from the cloud provider, while fine-tuning your cost management and finops. 

If desired, a partner can also supply the technical support, training and risk management services that would otherwise fall to your IT department, whose expertise probably lies elsewhere. Outsourcing these demanding and time-sapping tasks to a trusted partner permits your technical staff to focus on their core activities without unnecessary distraction.

Devoteam G Cloud are Europe’s leading Google Cloud Partner

Every successful partnership is founded on trust, which requires proper certification and a proven track record. But to achieve your strategic objectives you also need a partner whose engineers have the skills and bandwidth to collaborate with your own people and foster the innovation and transformative efficiency gains that the cloud is supposed to be all about. 

Devoteam G Cloud is a Premier Google Cloud partner, with the status of Managed Services Provider, whose 450+ certified cloud experts have a strong track record in implementing Google Cloud solutions. These solutions encompass hybrid and multi-cloud strategies that have delivered measurable gains in terms of competitive advantage and positive customer experience for both startups, SMEs and established corporates.

Move faster with Devoteam G Cloud

Following best practices developed in tandem with Google, Devoteam G Cloud deploys stress-tested accelerator frameworks to ensure that your projects can move faster, whether that involves migrating to Google Cloud or building a data warehouse from scratch.

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