Opportunities In Times Of Crisis

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Joe Emery

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December 23, 2020
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"A global health and economic crisis is the perfect opportunity to launch a new business"

— said no one ever, bar some of the brightest startup owners around the globe who've signed up to the Pitchdrive revolution.

And of course, everyone here at the ultimate source to get your startup business funded in the fastest and smartest way possible.

Traditionally, it's not uncommon for startups and angel investors to spend over nine agonising months putting a deal together. That all ends here with Pitchdrive. 

Linking top angels and startups, we heighten new businesses faster than anyone else. We've trimmed those nine months down to just an average of 28 days — with a typical raise of €100k per funding round.

We've closed the gulf between startups and angels. We help new businesses by qualifying, funding, and mentoring.

Thanks to the pandemic (yes, we can thank it for at least one thing), our startups have seen their profits skyrocket to heights they never could've imagined. You too can get your startup funded in the fastest way possible.


The golden age of startups

The startups that we've helped launch have a few things in common. They've all noticed that the outbreak of COVID-19 has presented unforeseen problems that need solving. 

These days, it's how to serve people as they adapt to life indoors — be it online shopping, keeping COVID-free, working from home, or educating and entertaining children away from closed schools. 

Our startups saw gaps, and they pounced. They've recognised that the pandemic has created a golden age of startups — and that everyone should be thinking about doing it.

Pitchdrive Fund 1

We also saw a void. So, we filled it. Launched in the summer of 2020, while most of the world ceased moving, Pitchdrive Fund 1 is now sized at €3m. 

We've experienced the complicated and painful process of getting investment into a new business as both angels and a startup. With Pitchdrive Fund 1, we've stripped away the hassle and clutter that goes with it. 

Trying to raise angel funding for your startup can easily turn into a full-time job. We'll do all fundraising, and heavy compliance and legal work, so that you can get back to doing what you do best: being a startup business owner and winning deals.

Your startup could rapidly accelerate by connecting to very best angel investors who want to be a part of early-stage companies with big ambitions. 

Our angels

Despite all that's going on in the world right now, our angels are still opening up money and offering to nurture — because they also see COVID-19 as a massive opportunity.

We built Pitchdrive and our ethos around uniting angels and startups — making rounds happen in the simplest, fastest, and fairest way. Because when investment rounds are done right, it's an absolute win-win for both parties.

If you want to serve a new need that COVID-19 has brought about, we can help accelerate your new business's growth — even in times of crisis.

Is your startup also a disruptive venture? Sign up now with Pitchdrive!

We're always looking for new partners and investment possibilities:

🌱 Pre-seed and seed stage (ticket size 200k-500k)
🏎 Highly product and scale driven
🇪🇺 European focussed
🕸 Industry agnostic

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