These 7 Best Notion Templates for Startups Will Streamline Your Business

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Enrico Tan

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February 14, 2024
The best free Notion Startup Templates
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Organization and efficiency are key, but setting up the structure can be time-consuming. Notion offers a plethora of templates designed to help you streamline your startup journey. Here are seven useful Notion startup templates that can help you stay organized and efficient:

one of the best Notion templates for startups

1. Startup in a Box

This comprehensive template is a one-stop solution for startups. It’s organized by stages in a founder’s journey, from ideation to scale, providing all the necessary tools to get started. Dive into brainstorming with ease, keep track of all your brilliant ideas, and conduct thorough industry analysis to stand out from the competition. Struggling with picking a name? There's a template for that too! Make exploratory calls more productive and structure your business model canvas to see the bigger picture.

But that's just the beginning. These notion templates are designed to help you navigate the entire process of bringing your startup idea to life. Create an engaging company website, draft informative FAQs, and keep track of all your PR & media interactions with dedicated trackers. And when it's time to launch, you'll have everything from a comprehensive product launch guide and checklist to announcement templates at your fingertips. Plus, essential templates for terms and privacy, and a press release brief are included to ensure you're covered on all fronts. This is your startup OS Notion, created by the Notion team itself.

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Free Notion template for startups

2. Fundraising Tracker

Fundraising is a crucial aspect of any startup. This template allows you to keep all information about potential investors in one place:

  • Status: Think of this as the current "level" the VC is on in their process of potentially investing in a startup. Are they just starting to look at companies, deep into due diligence, or about to sign the checks? Knowing this can help you understand how to approach them or what to expect next.
  • Average check size: This is basically how much money the firm usually invests in startups at the seed stage. It's like knowing the average amount of money a friend might spend on gifts—it gives you a good idea of what to expect.
  • Capital committed: Picture this as the amount of money the firm has promised to invest in startups using the handshake protocol—an agreement to commit funds to a deal. It's like saying, "I'm in for $X" on a group gift.
  • Partner name: The managing partner of the VC
  • Portfolio: This is a list of all the companies the firm has already invested in. It's like checking out a friend's playlist to see what music they're into before recommending a new band.
  • Warm contact name: This person is your "in" at the firm, someone who can introduce you to the right people. Think of them as a mutual friend who's helping you get an invite to an exclusive party.
  • Lost reason: It's valuable feedback on why they didn't go forward, offering insights that can help you tweak your approach or product for the next pitch.

This template is by Notion.

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Notion template for startups

3. Investor Update

This Notion startup template (by Notion) is crafted to streamline your investor updates, containing sections that can be easily expanded or collapsed using toggles for a seamless reading experience. It contains "Asks," where you can outline support or resources needed from your investors, followed by "Key Metrics for [Month]," offering a snapshot of your company's performance with the option to delve into more detailed data. The "Lows" section encourages transparency by sharing challenges, with toggles providing additional context. "Highlights" celebrate your successes, allowing you to embed varied content within toggles for an engaging narrative. The template concludes with "In [Month] We Expect to," where future goals and milestones are outlined, offering a clear view of your strategic direction.

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Notion template for startup

4. Business Model Canvas

This template helps you visualize success, streamline planning, foster innovation, and make powerful decisions. It’s perfect for both budding entrepreneurs and experienced business owners, providing a structured framework to refine your ideas and strategies. It contains all elements: problem, solution, value proposition, unfair advantages, customer segments, channels, key metrics, cost structure and revenue streams. The best Notion startup template to make your business model canvas.

Thank you, Rosidssoy, for creating this template!

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Notion template for startup

5. Startup Pitch Deck

Present your business ideas, market analysis, and strategic plans compellingly to potential investors and partners with this template. It’s designed to launch your startup’s vision effectively. With sections dedicated to highlighting the market gap, pinpointing the opportunity awaiting, showcasing your traction & go-to-market (GTM) strategy, telling your unique story in the "About Us" section, and bragging about your impressive client list, it's more than just a presentation—it's a conversation starter, a deal maker, and a vision launcher. A free startup Notion template by Notion.

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Notion template for startups

6. GTM Plan

A Go-To-Market (GTM) plan aligns cross-functional teams around all the elements of bringing a product to users. This free Notion template allows you and your team to plan and execute every part of your launch in one place. It contains space for all the necessary preparation, execution phase and room for post-mortem analysis. Made by Notion.

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Notion template for startups

7. Growth Experiment Tracker

This practical free Notion startup template aids in the detailed documentation and tracking of experiments, enabling Growth teams to refine their growth strategies based on empirical data and previous outcomes. By leveraging this tracker, teams can derive actionable insights, learn from past experiments, and steer their efforts towards achieving sustainable business growth. It's a straightforward, fact-based approach to optimizing growth strategies and enhancing team efficiency. Made by Romina Sala.

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These free Notion startup templates are real pages built for startups by startups. They are practical, customizable, and designed to cater to the unique needs of a startup journey. Harness the power of these templates to navigate your startup journey with ease and efficiency. Is your startup already pitch-ready? Submit it!

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