We are deploying our second fund (€30M) and will invest in another +25 startups in 2023.

Pre-seed round/ seed rounds

Average ticket size €300k

Focus on B2B saas, marketplaces, ecommerce and software-driven hardware

Jorn Vanysacker

Pitchdrive has that hussle mentality. With the experience that these guys have behind them, the ride's going to be insane.

Jorn Vanysacker - CEO Henchman

I am really grateful to have Pitchdrive on board as our investors. They are really only a phone call away and their entire team is always available to support you.

Alina Bassi - CEO Kleiderly

Alina Bassi


All of your burning questions answered

What is the avg. ticket size and valuation?
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The typical funding round at Pitchdrive lies between €50k and €350k. Valuations are not standard and will be determined throughout the selection process.

What happens after the application?
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Your application will be reviewed by a team of specialists and a decision and will be made. Based on that, you will be notified of that via email.

Where do I get my application decision?
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In your registered email address. Keep your eyes peeled! To avoid missing out on important information, please remember to allowlist/whitelist our domain (@pitchdrive.com).

How long does the application process take?
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The initial application review process takes around 7 working days. The total process between application and funding could take less than a month.

What documents do I need to apply?
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Simply fill out our application form. It's a quick and easy process that just takes 5 minutes.

What does €500k value pack look like?
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We can provide you with exclusive access to discounts for a lot of startup essential tools such as Hubspot, Stripe, AWS, Google Cloud, Notion and many more. The total worth of these discounts is +€500k.

When does the registration period start and end?
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We welcome applications throughout the year.

What is your industry focus?
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We are industry agnostic.

Can we apply more than once?
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Yes, and if you've previously applied and were unsuccessful, we strongly encourage you to apply again. Please submit a new application via our website and be sure to include updated information on your progress since your last pitch.

How do I contact customer support if I have a problem?
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We would love to hear from you! You can contact customer support by emailing Julia@pitchdrive.com or by clicking on the chat button on the website

I’m having trouble uploading my pitchdeck. What can I do?
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You may send it to us via email to Julia@pitchdrive.com

Still have questions?

Don't hesitate to reach out.