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Do you need a tech lead in your start-up team?

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Penny Brazier

Published on

June 18, 2021
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Having a long-running technical position in your start-up might sound like something that’s only necessary for more established companies. Why hire a member of staff when you can outsource software development? In reality, there’s much more to start-up tech roles than just coding. The right person will provide a range of essential skills that will grow and evolve alongside your company.

With 23% of start-ups failing because they don’t have the right people on board, creating a strong team mix is clearly a vital foundation for success.  

In this piece, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons a tech lead can be a seriously helpful person to have on your team, regardless of the stage you’re at on your start-up journey.

What does a tech lead do?

Unlike a developer, a tech lead holds a decision-making role in your company and is responsible for managing the team working on your software. They are technical people with a deep understanding of development, coding, and architecture, but they’re not just building the product — they look after the bigger picture too. They’re a trusted and central part of the team whose values are aligned with the company vision. They take a strategic role, building a technical roadmap for success and supporting the development team to hit their goals.


An engineer or developer stepping into a tech lead role may need to learn a new set of skills. Whereas before their thinking may have been data-driven and focused on implementation, they will now also need to embrace a strategic, conceptual approach.  

Their responsibilities may now include relationship management, risk management and ensuring collaboration and communication happen effectively both within and across teams. But their technical background will equip them with a unique understanding that nobody else at their level in the company will have. That’s what makes them such a powerful and important player in the company’s success.

Of course, every start-up is different, with different products, goals, and set-ups. But if you have a technical product, regardless of how big or small your company is, there are strong arguments for having an ongoing technical role in your start-up team.  

Here are just a few:  

1. They’re creative thinkers who will make your paper-based dreams a reality

In the early stages of development, your tech lead is there to make sure the product is feasible, and support your development and coding team to create something that works well for your target market. They may be coding themselves too, but most of their time will be focused on teasing out potential issues, problem-solving, and supporting the team as they shape your ideas into a real-life product that actually works.

2. They’ll help you build and manage an effective tech team

It’s easy enough to find freelance developers to work on your project, but how do you know if your outsourced help is a good fit without a technical person to guide you? A tech lead is a trusted member of the leadership team who can help you recruit, onboard and manage a development team that has the right skills and experience. They’re invested in making sure goals are hit and work is done to a high standard.

Tech leads are also a vital link between less technical leaders and developers. They understand what the development team needs, what the leadership team needs, and can create realistic goals that satisfy both parties and align to the company’s vision.

3. They’ll play an important role in securing investment

If you’re an early-stage start-up, investors will need strong reassurance that your team is capable of taking your idea to the next round of funding. Your tech lead will have a deep understanding of your product’s technical performance and a clear grasp of the product roadmap. A good tech lead is always a valuable asset in a pitch.

4. They’ll help you as you grow

Ideally, a technical role should be able to evolve alongside your company. As you gain investment and the team grows, they’ll need to be less hands-on and take on even more of a strategic management role.  

They should be able to handle the challenges that come with scaling, sometimes at a rapid rate. They should also work to adapt and refine your product offering based on customer feedback and shifting market trends.  

A leader with a technical eye

These are just a handful of reasons why a technical role could play a big part in your start-up's growth. Although the role and responsibilities of a tech lead will shift as your company evolves, having the right partner at each stage can be a gamechanger.

Ideally, they’ll be somebody who believes in the product and the team, has the company’s interests at heart, and is motivated to make your idea the success it deserves to be.  

Coding and development really are just the tip of the iceberg. Your tech lead is also a valuable part of the team that can ensure your start-up's growth stays firmly on track.

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