Secure growth
through data-driven

Growth means more than finding funding, it’s all about keeping to move forward. Aside from benchmarking your startup, you’ll get data-driven, actionable insights that empower your startup to break barriers at every tipping point. Get access to expert guidance from industry heavy-hitters, and a platform to track your progress.

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How Pitchdrive
helps you grow

Grow by data

Grow by data

Enjoy an insightful dashboard that helps collect the data insights. Keep control over your own data and turn it into growth.
Get the best tools

Get the best tools

Get access to a carefully selected stack of SaaS tools like Hubspot, Segment and Stripe. All you need to build your business with reductions up to €150,000 negotiated by us for you.
Network & expertise

Network & expertise

Benefit from the guidance of experts and high-level network connections. Call ‘powerboards’ when you really need it and discuss your business with top entrepreneurs and business angels.
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Don’t take our word

Don’t take our word, see what other founders have to say.

Sourcing angel investors was taking up to 80% of my time as a founder, which was slowing our business down too much. Pitchdrive took away this pain and brought together a group of relevant active investors. I felt like the terms were very transparent and founder-friendly as the contracts are standardised.

Elias van der Linden

Founder, BOOM Brush
They understood the concept way better than any VC I spoke to, they asked the hard questions, and their experience with finance especially made me believe we were picking the right platform. Most VC’s have this 2-3 week period of first communication, but with Pitchdrive it was about a day or two which was crazy.

Adobo Yua

Founder, Rift Pay
Pitchdrive delivers on their promise to get you funded fast. They connect you with some of the best business angels (most of them serial entrepreneurs) out there, and wire you the money quickly thanks to the convertible loan mechanism. They have a thorough due diligence process, which also helps to convince other potential investors - it definitely serves as a quality badge.

Nathan Coox

Founder, Smooved
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This isn’t our first rodeo

We’re not new in the game. Our expertise and network has proved to be highly valuable and profitable for dozens of investors.

Choose your Pitchdrive plan

Enjoy benefits like a data-driven health report and a free valuation with Pitchdrive Ignition, detailed feedback, legal templates and up to 150k discount on the best toolset with Pitchdrive Pitstop or a carefully composed startup roadmap and Power Boards with Pitchdrive Navigate.

Pitchdrive Ignition

  • Free data-driven scoring report.
  • Free startup (e)valuation.
  • Benchmark report.
  • Investment-ready checklist.
  • Keep control over your data.


Pitchdrive Pitstop

  • Real-time Growth Monitor.
  • First line assistance for legal documents & templates.
  • Prototyping & design support.
  • Access to funding program.
  • HR, sales & marketing support.
  • Up to €150k discount on the best tools for startups.
  • *Min. score of 65% required.


Pitchdrive Navigate

  • Startup Roadmap Guidance.
  • Your personal mentor available in 24h.
  • 3 dedicated Power Boards.
  • Exclusive Pitchdrive Community.
  • Future fundraising advice.
  • Personalised guidance towards your next tipping point.
  • *Min. score of 65% required.



Got questions? We’ve got answers.

  • What are the benefits of raising a Pitchdrive round?

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    What are the benefits of raising a Pitchdrive round?

    Raising money through Pitchdrive from angel investors has all the benefits of a ‘traditional angel round’, except with us you don’t have to put your promising startup on hold for months and transition to the full time job of ‘fundraiser’ to land your funds. We conduct the entire process on standardised founder-friendly documents and everything is handled online - no more visits to the notary!

  • What is the process for founders?

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    What is the process for founders?

    Start off by creating your account here, then fill out your Pitchdrive profile to highlight the most critical and impressive aspects of your startup. When your profile is ready, we’ll do a call together to refine your message (being startup investors ourselves, we’ve seen a lot of pitches!) Once your profile is approved you’ll go live to investors and you can follow your progress and answer questions from interested investors on your funding status page.

  • Can I come back and resume building my profile?

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    Can I come back and resume building my profile?

    Yes you can, just hit save at any point while building your profile and you can return later to resume where you left off. In fact, the best profiles are built this way - it’s usually best to start with a rough first version then return to finetune it.

  • We hit our funding goal, can we still raise more?

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    We hit our funding goal, can we still raise more?

    First of all, congratulations! Choosing to go further and extend your investment target is very common in the fundraising world. In Pitchdrive if you hit your target and decide you are open to allowing a few more investors to get involved, you can agree an Overdrive amount to extend your fundraising - the investments made in this phase function in exactly the same way as your regular fundraising.

  • Who has access to my data?

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    Who has access to my data?

    We take data access very seriously - Pitchdrive is designed from the ground up so that your startup is presented to the most relevant sets of eyes, never public. Only verified investors who have been accepted into the Pitchdrive platform and who have been matched with your startup will be presented your profile.

  • How do I know how much money I need to raise?

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    How do I know how much money I need to raise?

    When you sign up we will personally guide you through the process, including defining how much money you need to take your startup to the next level.

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