Startup companies looking for investors

Many startup companies are looking for investors to realize their dream. We want to push ingenious startups by closing the gap between angel investors and innovative startups looking for investors. At Pitchdrive we believe that both startups and investors want a professionalized and honest investment process.

Startups looking for investors

Angel Investor Network

At Pitchdrive we have advisory angel investors who are part of our evaluation process, so that startups get the chance to actually work with real active angel investors and understand their feedback before going live.

By signing up at Pitchdrive you can raise money through angel investors that we carefully selected. Funding rounds are built on quality, data, and knowledge. You don’t have to put your up and coming startup on hold for weeks or months while you fundraise full-time.

How to raise money for your startup

You might ask yourself, how do I raise money for my startup? Don’t worry--we’ve got you covered. On our website you can create an account. You will fill out your Pitchdrive profile to tell us about the most important and innovative aspects of your startup that you want to raise money for. Don’t forget to download our “how to raise money for your startup app”, also known as the Pitchdrive app, from the App Store.

Before you can receive startup funding we’ll do a call together to refine your message given on your profile, so that you're ready to launch on our platform. (We have the experience of many pitches from different startups and know the ins and outs of a good and bad pitch.)

Once your profile is approved you’ll go live for investors. Then you can follow your progress and answer questions from investors that are interested. This will all be visible on your funding status page. It’s as simple as that!

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