Early-Stage Startup Funding Europe

Are you an European entrepreneur with an exciting, innovating or promising idea and looking for early stage funding? Pitchdrive is your place to start. We use data-driven engines to qualify seed-stage ventures faster than anyone on the market. Due to our working method, the funding process for startup founders and angel investors runs smoothly and professionally. We are proud to say that Pitchdrive makes negotiations and funding happen within a matter of weeks, rather than months. We believe that startup founders should be focused on growing their business, rather than negotiating with investors. Are you interested in receiving start up funding and looking to do so in a quick and professional manner? Apply at Pitchdrive and unlock your early-stage funding journey now.

Early Stage Startup Funding Europe

Early Stage Investor

Early-stage funding is one of the most important phases for startups. However, the financing process can be more complex than one thinks. Consequently, many entrepreneurs as well as investors experience a high level of stress throughout this period.

  • Time costs money. Waiting on decisions from investors can be a costly process. For this reason, Pitchdrive ensures a fast financing process in order for funding to be collected quickly.
  • More than just funds. At Pitchdrive we stay in close contact with our founders, even after they’ve received funding. We provide professional advice and guidance whilst allowing business owners to make their own decisions. Our experienced entrepreneurs are glad to share their expertise with you, in order to help you break through your startup’s glass ceiling.
  • We provide funding based on benchmarking data and market-proven success indicators. Additionally, we help you get a better understanding of your data.

Seed startup funding based in Europe

Starting a business can be a tricky thing to navigate. In order to help you along the way, Pitchdrive offers you a platform on which you can pitch your idea for an innovative product or idea, as well as feedback offered by our experts. For entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.

Located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Belgium, Antwerp, Pitchdrive welcomes business owners from all over Europe. Pitchdrive helps businesses by providing start up funding online as well as offline. Our Startup Funding Events organized in Amsterdam and Brussels are the perfect place to pitch your idea and learn more about starting your business during our Startup Tips & Tricks events.

Get Startup Funding at Pitchdrive

Looking to receive startup funding from an early stage investor in record time? Apply to our network now to enjoy all the assets of our funding platform. Applying is free of charge and takes no longer than 30 minutes. All we ask from you is to give us a clear overview of your idea, your team, product and the process. Hesitating to apply? No worries. Pitchdrive provides applicants with extensive feedback, even to those who may not be accepted. Start now by submitting your form by clicking the link below!

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